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New and Improved Water Chiller

We have upgraded our operations by replacing our water chiller with a newer model: the Parker Hiross Hyperchill Plus ICEP030. The new machine will exceed the functionality of its predecessor, with the added benefits of a smaller footprint and a reduced impact on the environment.

The new chiller replaces our previous model which utilised a now discontinued refrigerant.

In the interest of sustainability and recycling we preserved and maintained the previous model for as long as was feasible. The Hyperchill Plus now employs the superseding refrigerant of 407C, making the new machine more environmentally friendly with a lower global warming potential (GWP).

This upgrade has been made with the future in mind. Not only is our new water chiller energy efficient and less harmful to the environment, it also reserves sufficient spare capacity should we wish to expand our operational capabilities in the future with the addition of new lasers.


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