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Quality Assurance

Quality System

Our quality system for the laser machining of ceramic materials for the electronics industry is certified to ISO 9001:2015.


Rigorous internal inspection, both of materials and production processes, is carried out at every stage of manufacture.

Detailed computer print-out of dimensions, together with Certificates of Conformance, are available on request.

All optical inspection systems are calibrated and traceable to the National Physical Laboratory.

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Quality Program

Quality Assurance Provisions

Our quality program encompasses all aspects of design, production, inspection and testing. A strict system is maintained for defect prevention, equipment accuracy, production documentation and extensive product testing.

Acceptable Quality Level (AQL) Requirements

We apply the BS6001 attribute sampling plan, with general inspection Level S2, for the qualification of outgoing products.

The table details the AQL criteria for typical product attributes. Alternative acceptance plans and criteria can be agreed at the time of ordering.

Quality Assurance Procedure

Inspection Methods

All substrates go through a rigorous inspection procedure starting at machine set up, with a first-off dimensional inspection followed by verification from a third party.

Further dimensional inspections are then carried out in-process every 2 hours. This is followed by a final dimensional inspection prior to visual inspection and despatch.

The equipment used for detailed dimensional inspection is the Keyence IM-7030T, calibrated to National Physical Laboratory standards.

Visual Inspection

The substrate material is visually inspected twice before shipping to the customer. The first inspection is for surface imperfections of the raw material at goods inward. The second inspection is done after the final dimensional inspection and prior to shipping. At this stage we check for:

  • Substrate marks

  • Edge quality

  • Blocked holes

  • Dark scribing - must be 97% clean without 2 blocked pulses being together

  • Cracks

  • Missing scribe pulses

Allowable defects, unless specified or requested under concession, are zero.

Quality Policy

Laser Cutting-Ceramics Ltd is continually striving to improve its methods, efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Internal production methods and delivery performance are just two quality areas that are constantly monitored and reviewed to achieve the goal of 100% on-time delivery.

We are dedicated to meeting our customers’ requirements for all products and services supplied. This requires total commitment from management and total involvement and investment from all members of staff. This is achieved by working together with our customers, getting it right first time, and through prevention, not detection.

This policy is a permanent feature of company life; we have an ongoing commitment to quality improvement.

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