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Improved Dimensional Inspection Machine: Keyence IM-7030T

We have updated our dimensional inspection device to a Keyence IM-7030T, a field-leading image dimension measurement system, allowing us to verify our conformance to ISO 9001 quality standards.

Detailed and automatic measurements and custom inspection report sheets can now be made with a single push of a button, using state-of-the-art functions such as automatic edge detection and pattern recognition. As the IM-7030T is capable of wireless connection, these inspection reports can be saved to, opened from, and printed via the company network.

The two measurement modes of wide-field and high-precision, along with multiple illumination settings due to the ring illumination and light probe, allow for several types of measurements to be made in all three axes. Measurement accuracies as low as ±2 µm can be achieved with the high-precision measurement mode. Additionally, the illumination system comprises only LED lights compared to the halogen bulbs of the measurement system it replaced.

According to Eureka Magazine (2017):

“the high-speed stage means that parts can be measured at three times the speed of conventional measurement systems”, and the “programming interfaces … are designed to be accessible to any user, regardless of their experience with the machine”.

The above signifies that our dimensional measurements are now more reliable, faster, and more efficient.


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