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Laser Cutting Ceramics Ltd.

Laser Cutting - Ceramics Ltd supplies precision profiled, scribed and drilled ceramic substrates for both thick and thin film and aluminium nitride for hybrid circuits as well as laser processed ceramics for lids, frames, packages, jigs, fixtures, guides, wear plates, cores, thermal and electrical insulators, spacers, washers, test pieces, kiln supports and wave guides.

As an approved supplier of CeramTec and Kyocera ceramic materials, we offer the very highest quality ceramics with a lead time of just 3-4 days. Click here for a full list of the materials we process.

Batch sizes range from one-off research and development and prototype work to many thousands for scheduled work.


We pride ourselves on excellent customer service, providing quotations within 2 hours of an inquiry, delivering samples within 2 to 3 days and always being available for technical advice.

Enquire by contacting Aimee Greaves or David Greaves or Nicola Bennet for further information about our services. Alternatively, call us on 0114 249 4005.

You can also download our latest brochure in English or German.



Meeting your Requirements

With decades of experience in laser profiling, drilling and scribing thick and thin film substrates, we can optimise laser cut substrate designs to meet your technical requirements in the most cost-effective manner.


Printed or sputtered substrates with high quality circuits can be precision lasered.


What we Offer

We supply laser cut ceramics for lids, frames, packages, jigs, fixtures, guides, wear plates, cores, thermal and electrical insulators, spacers, washers, test pieces, kiln supports and wave guides.

Many other materials used in the micro-electronics industry can also be processed. If your application requires the use of a material not included in our list, please ask.


Enquiries and Samples

We are happy to receive enquiries by email, with drawings in DXF or DWG format, addressed to

We aim to provide samples within 48 hours from receipt of final drawing, subject to material availability.

For more details, Download our latest brochure.


Laser Cutting Ceramics Ltd has been supplying precision laser-cut ceramic substrates to the micro-electronics industry, and other markets requiring high-quality precision laser cutting, since 2003.


We were early pioneers in the use of laser technology and have become one of Europe’s leading forces in its practical and commercial application.

Our policy of continual improvement and innovation has satisfied the industry’s demand for ever increasing levels of quality and complexity, whilst meeting ever shorter delivery dates.

This level of experience and industry expertise has enabled us to develop overseas markets, as we now supply laser cut components to many of the leading hybrid microelectronics companies throughout Europe and other parts of the world.

A key aspect of our service is the commitment we make to every customer. This includes understanding your exact requirements, supplying a level of quality that matches those requirements, and delivering on time and at realistic prices.


Please contact Aimee Greaves or David Greaves or Nicola Bennet or call 0114 249 4005 for further information about our services. You can also download our latest brochure for further information.



Year Established




For any enquiries or questions, please call:

0114 249 4005

Alternatively, E-mail us:


Laser Cutting Ceramics Ltd

Catley Road


United Kingdom

S9 5JF

Contact Us

Aimee Greaves

Sales and Marketing Director

David Greaves

Managing Director

Nicola Bennett

Sales Assistant

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